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Anahit Pogosova

Lead Cloud Software Engineer



Anahit is a Lead Cloud Software Engineer at Solita and an AWS Community Builder. She has been working on full-stack and data solutions with various clients for over a decade, and after getting into the world of serverless she found a passion for sharing her learnings through public speaking and blogging, becoming an active member of the AWS community.

You've got mail! A story of a not-your-typical newsletter

It's easy to see the shortest and the best path when you are at the end of your journey. But with each step bringing so many options and possibilities, the chances are it will take you some mindless wandering to get there. Join to hear a story about the journey we took with my customer, Finland’s national public broadcasting company Yle, on the way to creating a modern serverless newsletter system that allows scalability and enables content personalization. It is featuring AWS Lambda orchestration, some queues, some streams, a serverless SQL database, and quite a bit of trial and error. What went well and what I would have done differently if I would start all over today?

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