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Dominik Lincer

Software Engineer



Software Engineer who is passionate about AWS services, and how Cloud enabled us to create and deploy architecture quickly. Certified solutions architect, striving to find out the most cost-optimized, scalable, and reliable ways of building microservices. Excited about sharing the knowledge regarding the latest trends in IT. I have worked at Northmill Bank since 2018 and was there when we received the banking license in 2019. I'm deeply involved in everything we do in connection with building the IT infrastructure - that is mostly created using serverless services.

Handling GDPR in a serverless way - a Neobank solution

By having the requirement to anonymize customer data in all our databases spread between multiple microservices created on AWS, we started building a serverless platform that needs to handle 20k calls per second.

We used AWS Lambda, SNS, SQS, DynamoDB, and other AWS services that helped us meet the comprehensive requirements. We faced a lot of challenges during this process, but we got right up back on our feet and learned so much from this project. Now it's time to share our experience with you!

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