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Marilag Dimatulac

Solution Architect

Dewise ApS

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Marilag is a solution architect who puts the building blocks together to solve problems through software. She is a Microsoft Azure MVP and the co-founder of Dewise, a development company based in Copenhagen and Manila. To give back to the tech community, she organizes events for Azure User Group Denmark and The Philippines. She lives two lives on each side of the planet, defying distance, abolishing cross-cultural barriers and scaling walls, to work, play and spend time with wonderfully diverse people.

How to build an event-driven application that powers smart facilities

When we envisioned a solution that can improve people's workspace experience, we knew we had to go serverless. With BLE signals pushed at a high rate, triggering a chain of complex business logic, our top priority is to keep the system reactive, resilient and scalable at all times.

Developing TouchPoints mobile app has been quite a feat. It's with lots of Aha! moments and the inevitable backtracking that seems to see no end. I'm happy to share the lessons my team has learned (and is still learning) while working with Azure capabilities including Functions, Storage and Service Bus Queues, CosmosDB, SignalR and maybe, a bit of identity dancing with Azure B2C.

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