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Image of Nicolas Moutschen

Nicolas Moutschen

Specialist Solutions Architect - Serverless

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Nicolas is a Specialist Solutions Architect for serverless technologies at AWS, where he helps organizations of all sizes design cloud native applications and minimize the undifferentiated heavy lifting to focus on what matters. Prior to joining AWS, he created a startup focused on helping SMBs improve the reliability of their IT infrastructure and think about how technology could help them transform their business.

Simplifying serverless best practices with AWS Lambda Powertools

In the 6 years since the announcement of AWS Lambda, we have discover lots of best practices regarding the operation of serverless workloads. Some might be as easy as checking a box, but some require more thoughts and processes, such as what structure should I use for my logs, or how can I create custom metrics the right way.

The AWS Lambda Powertools are libraries that help implement these best practices around logging, metrics, tracing and more. During these talks, we'll look at how they work and how you can leverage it for your own projects.

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