Angela Timofte



With a decade of trained skills in software development, Angela’s drive for building scalable solutions with the latest technologies while migrating from monolithic solutions has given her a unique perspective into serverless applications and event-driven architecture. As a lead engineer at Trustpilot she is inspiring and leading technical teams while developing large scale solutions. Her current mission is to share her knowledge and lessons learned with her fellow peers on local and global stages.

Talk: What to do with your data in a serverless world

Serverless is one of those buzzwords (like Blockchain and AI) that everyone is talking about, think they got it in the beginning, but by the end/middle of the implementation they realise that they are just scratching the surface and have to refactor everything.

From SMBs to Enterprises, everyone is trying or wants to go serverless first, however many times we don’t hear about what we should do with the data, how to store, where to store it and what options is AWS offering us.

Throughout my presentation I’d like to showcase how Trustpilot is thinking about data storage when creating new applications or migrating old ones together with examples of struggles and learnings from these experiences

Key takeaways:

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