Katarina Svedman

Cloud Solution Architect - Microsoft

With a long history as a developer and architect in telecommunications, manufacturing and retail Katarina is now a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft helping customers to create business value on top of the Azure platform. Katarina is passionate about Serverless technologies and believes it is the perfect fit for developers who want to focus on the business value and be innovative!

Talk: Cosmos DB as the hero for event driven serverless applications in Azure

Let’s compare a traditional CQRS system and see how this can be done Serverless in Azure supporting Event Sourcing at a global scale with just a click. Azure Cosmos DB offers planet-scale event sourcing and aggregated, constantly updated, materialized views for reading. Serverless Azure Functions will allow us to implement command handlers in an Actor-like stateful way and handle long running business transactions with orchestration. Expect architectural guidance, design, a little bit of code and a short live demo.

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