Richard Boyd



Richard is a Cloud Solutions Architect at the iRobot Corporation. Richard focuses on building serverless applications that need to interact with on-premise and legacy applications and designing CI/CD workflows for serverless architectures.

Talk: What can Clausewitz teach us about serverless?

We’ve seen an explosion of the label “Serverless” applied to nearly everything. Do you have a new FaaS platform? Serverless. Did you sell all your servers when you company went bankrupt? Serverless. Do you sell servers? Serverless. Experienced serverless developers can usually separate out the marketing hype from the valuable products, but newcomers will surely struggle to do the same. This talk uses Clausewitz’s “levels of war” framework to separate “Serverless” into three separate value propositions (Strategic, Operational, and Tactical) and how explains how this framework can be used to evaluate Serverless technologies.

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